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My husband and I took our terrier mix to Rascal Training’s board and train program in the hopes of helping our anxious and reactive dog. We were definitely a little nervous about leaving our buddy for so many days but what we got out of the program was so much more than we could have hoped for.

Throughout the process Zoe was so attentive, gentle, thorough, and patient. The team was so good at giving updates and were always available to us if we had any questions.

When it came time to pick our buddy up we were amazed at all the progress he had made. Our dog is an anxious dog and we could see the improvement in his confidence and we couldn’t be happier. Zoe went well over the allotted time scheduled to make sure that we had a clear understanding of everything our pup had learned and that we felt comfortable with all the new tools we had just learned also.

All in all I would definitely recommend this program to anyone that might be thinking about it. We personally walked away with a better bond with our dog, a better understanding of him, and I’d say more importantly a clearer grasp on how we can be better for him. Zoe and her team are patient, kind, humorous, and attentive and gentle. This definitely exceeded our expectations.

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Zoe and the whole team at Rascal Training are incredible. I enrolled my high-energy, very defiant, doodle puppy in the 26-day program and was very happy with the progress I saw. Before going, I could barely walk my puppy anymore because he pulled so hard. After a month with Zoe, I finally enjoyed walking with my dog. My puppy also had major FOMO, a habit of whining, and didn't know how to calm down on his own. I saw progress in these areas and learned the tools to continue training after his stay.

It was comforting to see my pup on Rascal Trainings Instagram to see all of the progress he made. I also emailed Zoe several times during his stay and got prompt responses with detailed messages about their work. The whole process was very transparent.

After a month away, bringing home my puppy was a big adjustment for both of us. Luckily, Zoe was extremely helpful, answered all of my questions via email, and came to my house a week later for our first follow-up session. If you're looking for a great trainer and support system, I highly recommend Rascal Training.

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There’s a a lot to say about rascal training! Zoe, has been by far the best thing That's happened to my family! We brought our hyper, not leash trained 7 month old, not neutered puppy to her with low expectations. They were so low because, well, he’s a puppy and puppy’s are tough to train.

She went above and beyond with his training. From a high distraction leash training to off leash recall training. She corrected our nonsensical way of training him and brought his true potential!

He is a 180 on behavior but still has his personality that we loved so much about him!

We weighed the pros and cons on her 2 week training and 1 month training and we are very happy that we went with the 1 month! She’s affordable, and the results alone of the one month board and train are worth way more than what we paid!

The pick up class was also wonderful! We spent 1 hour and 45 minutes going over all we needed to know and as well as a class for us, as we now know, not only is he constantly learning but we need to continue and to help teach him and learn!
It’s like a foreign language, if you don’t use it you loose it!

If I could give more stars I would! She’s professional, welcoming and more importantly she’s a actually amazing at what she does!


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Zoe has been a phenomenal support to our family after bringing home our goldendoodle puppy. She came to our home for a couple training sessions. She listened patiently and was incredibly responsive and generous with her time and knowledge. After each visit we noticed immediate changes in our pup and felt empowered with new tools to move forward to continue the training.

We then sent our pup to her for a two week board/train session and I am not exaggerating when I say she came home a different dog. She listens intently, she in much more obedient and quick to comply with what we ask of her. I have had a TON of questions and Zoe has been very willing to respond quickly and offer advise as we continue to learn. Zoe is the best!

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Thanks to Zoe, my family's quality of life improved exponentially. My puppy has learned to be calm, greet people appropriately, walk at my pace, and so much more. I can't thank Zoe enough.


One of the things Zoe appreciates is a committed owner. If you are struggling with your dog, are ready for improvement in your pet/owner relationship and willing to put in the work -- Zoe will be your biggest champion. She has helped my relationship with my pittie and even though things are not perfect, they are heading in the right direction. He is focused and engaged during our walks, there is no yanking or pulling. He comes to me when I call his name! He's much more calm and I think that has been the biggest revelation for me. I didn't know or understand he was suffering from anxiety until Zoe told me. Everyday we work on mind work and focusing his energy in positive ways to prevent negative outcomes of being overstimulated and anxious. I'm so glad I found Zoe, she was the right trainer for Deagle and I. I cannot stress how much better things are now with improvement in communication between my dog and I.

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