One of the things Zoe appreciates is a committed owner. If you are struggling with your dog, are ready for improvement in your pet/owner relationship and willing to put in the work -- Zoe will be your biggest champion. She has helped my relationship with my pittie and even though things are not perfect, they are heading in the right direction. He is focused and engaged during our walks, there is no yanking or pulling. He comes to me when I call his name! He's much more calm and I think that has been the biggest revelation for me. I didn't know or understand he was suffering from anxiety until Zoe told me. Everyday we work on mind work and focusing his energy in positive ways to prevent negative outcomes of being overstimulated and anxious. I'm so glad I found Zoe, she was the right trainer for Deagle and I. I cannot stress how much better things are now with improvement in communication between my dog and I.

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Thanks Zoe for doing such a great job transforming our 130 lbs. Great Pyrenees puppy into such a promising young man in less than a month. Dog trainers know that owners need more instruction than their pets. But not all have the patience and skill to navigate these waters. Zoe has both in spades. She is wise beyond her years. Thanks again for helping us get our house in order. 


Eric Moore


Zoe came to train our mini aussie this week and was amazing! We were able to have a social distance meetup in our yard and she used her jedi dog tricks to calm our "furry demon" and teach us, including our 11yo daughter to do the same. For our 11yo, seeing our bitey little beast calm and sit at Zoe's feet was eye opening and it gave her the confidence to put the skills Zoe taught her into action to get the same results for herself.

Zoe has a HUGE amount of knowledge to share and we can't wait for our next visit.


We would have a feral beast were it not for Zoe at Rascal Training. Well, perhaps not feral, but at least an ill mannered pup who jumps on everyone and bites anything that moves. Zoe is patient, kind, but firm. She is helping us become better dog parents. Very much recommended for puppy training--and she comes to your house! We are looking forward to a happy, healthy life of adventure with our dog Cova and are glad we now have the tools to communicate and provide direction.


My dog Baxter was a hot mess, aggressive , didn't know how to walk on a leash. We were the first dog in the new two week board and train program and Baxter is a totally different dog. Zoe did an amazing job of training Baxter in the basics and correcting his behavior. We will definitely be do some more boarding and her social groups for dogs! It was an amazing experience. Plus she kept me up to date almost everyday on how he was doing and pictures!


Zoe is clearly an animal lover with great knowledge and ideas on how to connect with our rescued puppy. It's always so fun and easy to talk to her and within the first session, she's showed us how to read our pup in ways no videos or articles could have taught us. We have been working with her for weeks and also bring our pup to the social groups that she runs. She is definitely a committed and caring trainer and we will love to continue working with her!