Foundational Training for a Happy Pet

There are so many reasons to take the time and make the commitment to training your dog but above all else it allows your dog a freedom and enjoyment an untrained dog simply does not have access to. Through communication we are able to create a solid foundation of basic obedience to help our dogs thrive in a variety of environments. We focus our programs on shaping a more manageable, adaptable, and happy companion, at home, the food carts, or on a hike!

Board and Trains

During our Board & Train program, your dog will stay with us in our home for a complete training immersion. This allows us to work intimately with your dog, teaching them structure, boundaries, and developing a solid communication system. 

Walk & Trains

Exclusive to Board and Train grads.

45 minutes walks with a trainer to work on impulse control, loose leash manners, and get a little extra exercise in.


Pack Hike & Trains

Exclusive to Board and Train grads.

A 2-3 hour on and off leash adventure with up to three dogs. Includes drop off and pick up service. 

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Exclusive to Board and Train grads. 

Boarding with Zoe including refresher training sessions daily.


Portland Metro Area