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Creating calm and confident dogs with real world training

Do you want a reliable on and off leash companion to bring with you everywhere? Tired of being embarrassed by your pups behavior out and about? Frustrated with your rascal's behavior?

There are so many reasons to take the time and make the commitment to training your dog but above all else it allows your dog a freedom and enjoyment an untrained dog simply does not have access to. Through a solid relationship and communication system, we are able to create a foundation of obedience to help our dogs thrive in a variety of environments. We focus our programs on shaping a more manageable, adaptable, and happy companion, at home, the food carts, or on a hike!

Each of our programs are tailored to fit each individual dog's and owner's needs using fun, functional, effective, and efficient training. Our programs focus on building a healthy human-to-pet-relationship by teaching both parties a clear communication for long-term results. Having all our dogs first go through our board and train program  prior to participating in walks, hikes, or day rate boarding, allows us to have a deeper understanding of each individual dog in our care and gives us the ability to seamlessly carry on with their training. 

Meet the Trainer, Zoë!

What Clients Say

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Let me get this out the way right now. SEND YOUR DOG HERE. If you are even considering a board and train, do it.

We sent our big oaf of a GSD rescue (Shadow) to Rascal after a ton of research and it was the right choice.  My partner and I live in Montavilla and wanted to be able to bring our dog everywhere we could. Unfortunately, she was an 85 pound asshole that couldn't walk on a leash and spent her life being anxious and obsessive. She also couldn't hang with our cats and would waste her days staring down the hall at them - nothing could tear her away.

Looking through the Rascal website and instagram I knew that Zoe was the right person. As Shadow progressed through the program she was able to go on a ton of field trips. This aspect was very important to me, knowing that Shadow would have exposure to public places (home improvement stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc.) with someone who can make sure the experience is positive.

Shadow has only been home a few days, but it's been amazing. She can go for walks now without giving us blisters on our palms by pulling. She is able to lay down in the front yard with me while there are crows and squirrels around. SHE HEARS ME WHEN I CALL HER.

The hardest part of the whole thing has been my own training, but even that is easier every day.

Seriously, Rascal Training is worth it a thousand times over.

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Serving the greater Portland/Vancouver areas

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