Making sure your pup is well trained will give both of you more time to enjoy each other’s company. There are so many reasons to take the time and make the commitment to training your dog but above all else it allows your dog a freedom and enjoyment an untrained dog simply does not have access to.


Through communication we are able to create a solid foundation of basic obedience to help our dogs thrive in a variety of environments. We focus our programs on shaping a more manageable, adaptable, and happy companion; at home, the food carts, or on a hike! 


Our program focuses on building a healthy human-to-pet-relationship by practicing the power of clear communication with our dogs for long-term results. Having all our dogs first go through our in home board and train program prior to participating in walks or hikes allows us to have a deeper understanding of each individual dog in our care and gives us the ability to seamlessly carry on with their training. 

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For dogs 1 year and younger with little to no behavioral issues, 14 days total. ​

Curriculum may include:



Go To Bed (Place)

Loose Leash Walk


Field trips to local dog friendly establishments


​Also addressing: jumping, confidence building, threshold manners, waiting for food, demand barking, potty training, play biting.



During our Board & Train program, your dog will stay with us in our home for a complete training immersion. This allows us to work intimately with your dog, teaching them structure, boundaries, and developing a solid communication system. We use every interaction with your dog as a training opportunity. Each program is tailored to fit the needs and training goals of each individual dog/owner pair. Each day your dog will have multiple training sessions as well as pack-walks, off-leash adventures, frozen peanut-butter KONGs, field-trips to local dog-friendly businesses, and supervised socialization with other dogs.


Included in each program:

- Board and Train Prep Booklet

- Extensive go home session with the owner (1-3 hours)

- Three virtual or in-home follow up sessions to be used within six months of graduation

- Email support for life

- Mini Educator E-collar (if applicable)

- 5-7 Updates a Week posted on our Instagram

- Training Collar and/or Slip Lead

- 30+ Page Go Home Book + Reference Guide

For all dogs with no major behavioral issues, 26 days total.

Curriculum may include:

Everything offered in the 12 Day Program


E-collar training
Off leash obedience

Field trips to local dog friendly establishments

Also addressing: leash reactivity, situational anxiety, nervousness around strangers, minor separation anxiety, counter surfing, fence barking, digging,  destructive behavior, etc.




Some dogs need more time to learn, if we think your dog could benefit from an additional week or two with us we will let you know as soon as possible. Additional weeks are $850.

This length of program gives us the time to develop a very strong relationship with your dog and give them all the tools to succeed when dealing with more intense or heavily practiced behaviors. 

Addressing: severe leash reactivity, severe general anxiety, stranger danger,  fear of new environments, social issues with other animals, separation anxiety, destructive behavior, etc



Offered at our sister company, Mother Pupper. 

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45 minute on-leash walks in your neighborhood where we will maintain your dog's previous training. Walkers will work on loose leash walks, handler awareness, impulse control, and confidence. 
A weekly commitment is required. 



Pack Hike&Train

A half day on and off leash adventure with up to four dogs. Includes drop off and pick up service. A great alternative to Doggy Daycare. Hikers are focused on reinforcing great on and off leash behavior as well as appropriate play manners.

Our hike groups are consistent to maintain healthy relationships between pups so a weekly commitment is required. 



Peace of mind while you are away! Maintenance training is provided for all training graduates.

Space is extremely limited for boarding, please reach out to Zoe ASAP to reserve a space for your pooch.

$75/calendar day

Exclusively offered to our training graduates and crate trained Mother Pupper attendees.


Portland Metro Area